Conservation Education Programme

Programme Description

This programme is designed to increase the opportunities for experiential learning and to make the connection between the conservation activities and the opportunity for the public to have an experience in nature. The approach will be to involve the customers in achieving the conservation results while they gaining an experience doing fieldwork and enjoying themselves. The focus will be on identifying different customer groups and their needs and creating valuable products and services to satisfy those needs.  We will continue to create the right conditions for establishing meaningful business opportunities to support conservation in providing life changing experiences while improving the management of our natural resources.

To educate the public on the need to protect the environment through experiential learning:

Improve the management of visitor and service delivery: To improve the quality of the conservation experience to visitors and to sustain the community participation in the management of Natural resource.

Experience: Central to protecting the natural environment is the promotion and advocacy to create awareness towards achieving sustainability. This principal strategy initiative for linking all the conservation programmes in a way that it offers unique conservation experiences to visitors. The conservation activities of all the other programmes will be combined to make the experience rewarding and meaningful for customers. It will also takes into consideration the infrastructure needed the acceptable level of development for managing visitors/public and the improvement in the quality of the service offered. Care will be taken to ensure that development is environmental in nature and will be ecological in design.

The 4R initiative: Develop a sustainable approach to the use of waste materials that would negatively impact natural resources

Glass Recycling : The glass recycling component is an existing project with a regional context and was originally conceived by the Wider Caribbean Sea Turtle Conservation Network (WIDECAST). It is designed to recycle waste glass removed from the turtle nesting beaches during beach clean-ups, and provide a sustainable source of income for community members.  Members of the community are trained in the art of flameworking – making glass beads by hand – as well as making costume jewellery.  Using a bench torch reaching temperatures of over 2200 degrees Fahrenheit, large pieces of broken waste bottles are melted in the flame.  The molten glass is formed around a steel rod, or mandrel, that has been coated with a clay-like material so the glass won’t permanently stick to the rod.  The beads are then annealed (slowly cooled) in a small kiln.  When cooled, the beads are taken off the metal rods and ready to be made into jewellery including our collectable Turtle Warrior bracelets. This part of the programme is being expanded with training in glass slumping to make simple pieces like bowls, coasters and paper weights to being in November 2015.

Natural Jewellery:  Natural elements are also incorporated with the recycled glass beads including wood, seeds, coconut and shells. The material is gathered by the community and brought back to the craft centre to be cleaned and transformed into jewellery.

Expand the education initiative: To enhance and improve the level of awareness on the environment and seek to improve individual decision making through action.

The purpose of this initiative is to successfully influence change in personal habits and behaviours as it relates to the environment despite cultural practices, costs and trends. There exist a divide among lifestyle choices, technological advancement and policy development that leads to environmental degradation.  It is the intention of Nature Seekers to positively affect personal decision making patterns which will increase participation in conservation activities. Part of expanding the education would be to increase the impact among schools and other stakeholder groups through the use of tools, events and other initiative that makes learning fund and memorable.