• bracelet

    Original Turtle Warrior Bracelet

    Our original Turtle Warrior bracelet was designed to bring awareness to the importance of protecting female sea turtles as they come ashore to lay their eggs. Each recycled bead is handcrafted…

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    Large Turtle Warrior Bracelet

    A larger version of our original Turtle Warrior bracelet with bigger 12mm recycled glass beads.… Read the rest

  • MJ_NatureSeekers_TurtleWarrior_20150330003

    Classic Turtle Warrior Bracelet

    Our classic Turtle Warrior bracelet features 15mm beads and our signature coconut turtle charm in darker shades of recycled glass.… Read the rest

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    Recycled Glass Stud Earrings

    Our recycled glass stud earrings are the result of a happy accident by bead maker Sandy who discovered how to create tiny glass droplets whilst making our small beads. Simple…

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    Perseverance Beads

    Our Perseverance Beads are made from Job’s tears – locally know as juju or jumbie beads – grown in our village and strung together with our recycled glass beads. Each…