Entangled Turtle

How serious is sea turtle Bycatch? The simple answer: VERY SERIOUS! A couple hours ago (Wednesday March 22nd, 2017) while conducting our beach patrol we encountered this girl wrapped up in net. See full story below…

Tonight’s patrolling efforts were like every other night. Turtles coming, turtles leaving. Nothing different, nothing new. Until patrols noticed a turtle approaching with what appeared to be something in her mouth. Upon closer inspection, they noticed she was wrapped in fishing net.

The net was tightly wrapped around the two front flippers causing the net to cut into her muscle tissue with every movement of the flippers. The net was also wrapped around the lower jaw, again causing injury and preventing the turtle for closing its mouth.

Entangled Turtle – Part #1

Entangled Turtle – Part #2


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  3. I wish that this Turtle may be released back to him home.

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  7. rachelmill says:

    It's so pity that the animals, especially turtles must suffer in this world! I would click every petition signature just to save them from this miserable fate.

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