Forestry Division

The Forestry Division has facilitated the establishment of Nature Seekers in 1990 by rallying the community around a Tour Guide training course. Since then, the Forestry Division has supported the presence of Nature Seekers as the key partner protecting sea turtles and providing tours to the visiting public. The Division has, on an annual basis, utilized the community to collect data on nesting female turtles and to provide a level of monitoring support to ensure that visitors comply with the designated rules for being on the beach.

Turtle Village Trust

Nature Seekers has partnered with three other communities in the development of the umbrella organisation called Turtle Village Trust in 2006. The aim was to merge our strengths and to unite our efforts to protect marine turtles nationally. This organisation will be achieving its vision by fostering and strengthening strategic partnerships particularly with turtle conservation groups and the wider coastal communities to protect the natural resources and create superior quality tourism products and services for customers.


The Global Environmental Facility Small Grants Programme (GEF SGP) has been a long standing partner with Nature Seekers. In 1998 Nature Seekers initiated a Pilot Sea Turtle Tagging Project in partnership with the Forestry Division and WIDECAST and the Institute of Marine Affairs. GEF SGP provided us with funding for this project and assisted us in getting co funding from the Canadian High Commission to support the activities. Today this pilot project has blossomed into a National Sea Turtle Tagging Programme involving other donors and stakeholders. We continue to use GEF SGP support to strengthen our capabilities in developing initiatives that are scalable. This is well supported in our current Sea Turtle Bycatch Education Awareness project which has an aim to reduce the bycatch of turtles in nets by the promotion of alternative fishing equipment and the development of other income generating activities to support fishers. Click here to read more about the project…….



The Wider Caribbean Sea Turtle Conservation Network has been an important partner for over 20 years. They have contributed to developing and guiding the science and data collection efforts on the Matura Turtle Conservation Programme. WIDECAST has been instrumental in assisting Nature Seekers in building its networks towards building its capabilities.

WIDECAST has led bycatch activities since 2005 in Trinidad and since then Nature Seekers was utilized in the implementation of sea turtle bycatch work in partnership with local fishers. These initiatives have built Nature Seekers’ capacity and relationship with state agencies and fishers to develop a sea turtle bycatch initiative which will form part of the work of Nature Seekers for the next 5 years. 

Ministry of Tourism

Nature Seekers has also partnered with the Ministry of Tourism in providing services for the visiting public at the Salybia beach. As a result of this relationship Nature Seekers currently runs the Salybia Recreation and Watersport Centre. This involves the provision of kayaking and food services.

Green Fund Unit

Since 2012 Nature Seekers has signed and continued to build a strong and lasting partnership with the Green Fund Unit in the Ministry of Planning and Development. This partnership facilitated the implementation of a project designed to strengthen the capacity of Nature Seekers in improving governance, management and programme development. This has been a rewarding and growth project for Nature Seekers in shaping its future. Click here to read more about the project…..