Vision, Mission and Values


Nature Seekers envisions an empowered organisation supporting a sustainable ecosystem.


Nature Seekers is dedicated to providing superior, exciting and memorable conservation experiences for our customers in securing the regions natural resources.


  • Good governance (integrity, transparency & accountability) is the performance or accomplishments of our goals.
  • Diversity of strength & talents of our members, partners and stakeholders.
  • Natural Resources and the critical role it plays in the sustainability of life, health and happiness.
  • Innovation in seeking new solutions, new resources and new collaborations in order to meet challenges and overcome limited resources.


Achieving Conservation Value

Nature Seekers have created a new strategic direction  that will be undertaken during the period 2015 – 2020. The strategy is focused on the theme ‘Conservation through Experience’ which focuses on the provision of opportunities for our customers to actively engage in the conservation initiatives by actively participating in ‘magical’ nature experiences with purpose. Our strategy contains three interdependent and one enabling factor(s):

  1. Integrating ‘conservation through experience’ in all aspects of the organisation
  2. Capitalizing on Nature Seekers’ brand and becoming T&T’s resident conservation experts
  3. Innovating the manner in which we coordinate our operations and serve our clients
  4. Effective good governance of the organisation (Key enabling feature)

The organisation’s strategy will be executed by the development of the organisation through six (6) programmatic areas.

Statement of Promise

“We will provide products and services that are special with unique stories, quality and value that will inspire improvement in the lives of the consumers. We provide a prompt, efficient service that allows customers to explore the magic of nature. We connect you to the natural environment with a learning experience that binds you to our cause while we inspire the best of the rural communities in delivering that experience”